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NetHabilis FloorSales


A mobile wireless order taking system for commercial exhibitions and private show-rooms

NetHabilis FloorSales is an optimal and affordable order taking mobile solution for every professional and company that wishes to take orders quickly, easily and affordably, without piles of paperwork, delays and mistakes, while at the same time ensuring rich business information on orders, sales, salesperson productivity and client transactions.

The system offers full functionality, friendliness combined with ease of use and low cost, as well as equipment (portable wireless terminals, last generation barcode, barcode printers, wireless communication antennas, etc.) and services that NetHabilis can offer.

How it works

NetHabilis FloorSales uses mobile wireless terminals equipped with industrial strength barcode readers or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers for fast and error free reading of any product barcode, encoded in any barcode symbology.
The system operates within a safe, encrypted wireless communications network, ensuring the integrity and safety of your business data. The system uses any A4 printer for the professional printing of your customer orders, giving complete freedom of movement to your sales staff, without requiring the mobile terminal to connect to a base station in order to print the details of a customer order.


Target Audience

NetHabilis FloorSales can handle an unlimited number of product codes, along with any special features such as color and/or size and it can be configured to be used by professionals in various markets, such as jewellery, clothing / footwear, folk art, furniture, gifts, industrial tools, standardized food / drinks, etc.
Any kind of product can be introduced into NetHabilis FloorSales, regardless of its individual characteristics.

Solution Benefits

  • Quick and error-free order taking from multiple employees
  • Ability to inform client at any time about the level of the order (net value, discounts, VAT, final value), the amounts per category type (bags, sweat-shirts, hats, etc.) of the current order
  • Ability to enter an unlimited number of articles/products, customers, orders, colors, sizes, exhibitions, etc.
  • Ability to use two distinct measurement units for each article/product
  • Ability to enter discounts per article, as well as a discount at the end of the order
  • Simple and user-friendly, even by inexperienced users without previous computer knowledge
  • Rich reporting for sales managers that helps them identify how and which articles/products are more popular, what are the current number and total value of orders taken, salesperson productivity, customer buying trends per exhibition or in total , etc.
  • Improve the professional image of the company to its clientele
  • Low cost solution that can be used by any professional or business, whether it employs one employee or group of employees.
  • Last but not least, NetHabilis FloorSales will enable you to place exact orders with your suppliers without the need to order more than you need, or order products that will not be popular among your clientele.
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