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  • Address: 2, Xenofontos Street, Acharnes GR-13673, Hellas.
NetHabilis MobileRetail

NetHabilis MobileRetail is an absolute custom solution to the special needs of every wholesale and/or intensive retail business and helps them execute important everyday tasks, such as:

  • Receipt of Goods
  • Inventory
  • Record Product Shortages
  • Product Info
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Tracing
  • Return of Goods
  • Label Printing
  • Price Check
  • Exhibition Sanity Check
  • Product Dispatch
NetHabilis MobileRetail operates over the web using a client/server architecture, whereas clients are all mobile barcode terminals and the server part is the web application NetHabilis MobileRetail Server, which communicates with any backend ERP system in use by the business, so as to facilitate the information exchange between the mobile terminals and the business ERP backend.
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Since 2007, NetHabilis MobileRetail supports retail giants in Greece and abroad.

We can serve your business as well.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.